20 Actors Who Pulled Off Playing Multiple Characters in One Movie

Joseph Thornton

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Acting is a skill that not too many people can pull off. Imagine being great at not only a role but two roles in the same movie. Some of our favorite movie stars have done it multiple times, even without us noticing. Here are 20 actors who played multiple roles in the same movies and killed it:

Christian Bale – The Prestige (2006)

Photo Credit: Touchstone Pictures.

Granted, for most of The Prestige, we weren’t exactly aware of the fact that Alfred Borden was performing “The Transportation Man” trick with the help of an identical twin brother. Regardless, Alfred and his twin, Bernard Fallon, qualify as two roles, and both were performed exquisitely by Christian Bale.

Sacha Baron Cohen – The Dictator (2012)

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Known for his role in Borat (2006 & 2020), Sacha Baron Cohen skillfully portrayed Admiral General President Supreme Leader Haffaz Aladeen/Allison Burgers and his double Efawadh in The Dictator (2012).

Tyler Perry – A Madea Homecoming (2022)

Photo Credit: Tyler Perry Studios.

Tyler Perry is a terrific storyteller and remains a very capable actor as well. His great acting skills came into play in the 2022 remake of his Madea Series, A Madea Homecoming. He played the characters of Madea and Uncle Joe Simmons.

Eddie Murphy – Coming to America (1988)

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Remember Prince Akeem and Randy Watson from Coming to America? The characters were all played by the talented Eddie Murphy. And it wasn’t just those two; Murphy also played the characters of Saul and Clarence in the movie.

Julia Roberts – Ocean’s 12 (2004)

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Julia Roberts has established herself as one of Hollywood’s foremost leading ladies since her Pretty Woman days. In addition to her many roles, she played the characters of Tess Ocean and even hilariously parodied herself, Julia Roberts, in Ocean’s 12.

Lupita Nyong’o – Us (2019)

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures.

Us was thrilling and suspenseful. A major highlight for me is Oscar Winner Lupita Nyong’o’s show-stopping performance in the horror film, in her dual role as Adelaide Wilson and her eerie doppelgänger, Red.

Jean-Claude Van Damme – The Replicant (2001)

Photo Credit: Artisan Entertainment.

The Replicant (2001) wasn’t the success that Jean-Claude Van Damme and director Ringo Lam would have hoped for. But we, at least, got to see Van Damme flex his acting muscles in the film by portraying both the serial killer Edward Garrotte and his cloned counterpart known as “the Replicant.”

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – Double, Double, Toil and Trouble (1993)

Photo Credit: ABC.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen brought magic to Double, Double, Toil and Trouble when they played the characters of Kelly and Lynn Farmer and a young Aunt Sophia and Agatha.

Emma Thompson – Dead Again (1991)

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures.

If you’ve seen Nanny McPhee, then you most certainly know Emma Thompson. The actress showcased her versatility in Dead Again, capturing our attention as both Grace and Margaret Strauss in the intriguing mystery.

Tom Hardy – Legend (2015)

Photo Credit: StudioCanal.

Tom Hardy played the roles of two completely distinct personalities in the 2015 American crime biopic Legend. He played the roles of Reggie and his brother Ronnie Kray, two vicious gangsters who came to prominence in the ‘70s.

Vanessa Hudgens – The Princess Switch (2018)

Photo Credit: Netflix.

High School Musical sweetheart Vanessa Hudgens played the roles of a royal princess in Belgravia and a Chicago baker in The Princess Switch. In my assessment, I think she pulled off both roles perfectly, especially the accents!

Leonardo DiCaprio – The Man in the Iron Mask (1998)

Photo Credit: MGM.

Leonardo DiCaprio rarely delivers mediocre performances. And the actor made sure to remind us of his talent in The Man in the Iron Mask, where he takes on the challenging dual roles of King Louis XIV and Philippe, showcasing incredible acting depth.

Lindsay Lohan – The Parent Trap (1998)

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures.

I remember watching The Parent Trap and wondering how then-10-year-old Lindsay Lohan was able to pull off her roles. She played the characters of young twins Annie and Hallie (each with different accents!) in the heartwarming Disney movie The Parent Trap.

Charlie Chaplin – The Great Dictator (1940)

Photo Credit: United Artists.

Although released in 1940, The Great Dictator is still regarded as a classic. In his first appearance in a true sound film, Charlie Chaplin stars in the black comedy film as both Adenoid Hynkel and a Jewish barber, making a powerful statement with his performances.

Mel Brooks – Blazing Saddles (1974)

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Mel Brooks entertained in Blazing Saddles by playing various roles, including Governor William J. Le Petomane, a Yiddish Indian chief, and a World War I aviator, leaving us laughing throughout the film.

Warwick Davis – Harry Potter

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Professor Flitwick is one of the most memorable characters from the Harry Potter series. What most people do not know, however, is that the characters of Professor Flitwick and Griphook the goblin were played by one person–-Warwick Davis

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Last Action Hero (1993)

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures.

The 1993 action comedy film Last Action Hero stars one of Hollywood’s most beloved action film leading men, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger plays the characters of both Jack Slater and himself in the movie.

Jason Isaacs – Peter Pan (2003)

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures.

It is almost customary for the same actor to play Captain Hook, Peter’s sworn enemy, and George Darling. As such, in the 2003 live-action adaptation of Peter Pan, Jason Isaacs takes on both roles.

Mike Myers – Austin Powers

Photo Credit: New Line Cinema.

The spy comedy film series Austin Powers produced three movies in its run, all produced and written by Mike Myers. Myers also stars as multiple characters in the movies, including the titular character, Dr. Evil, and Goldmember.

Everyone – Cloud Atlas (2012)

Cloud Atlas (2012) Warner Bros Pictures
Photo Credit: Warner Bros Pictures.

Cloud Atlas follows multiple plotlines across six different eras over hundreds of years. The cast, therefore, plays multiple characters, with actors like Halle Berry and Tom Hanks taking on as many as six roles.