18 TV Shows From The 80s That Need a Reboot

Ellie Tishdale

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The 1980s were a golden era for television, with many shows becoming cult classics. While some have remained in the public consciousness, others have faded into obscurity but still hold potential for modern reboots. Here are 18 such forgotten TV shows from the 80s that would be great candidates for a reboot:

“The Powers of Matthew Star”

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A high school student with extraterrestrial powers was the focus of this show. Given the popularity of sci-fi and supernatural teen dramas, a reboot could find a solid fanbase.

“Tales of the Gold Monkey”

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Set in the 1930s, this adventure series had a mix of espionage, exotic locales, and historical intrigue. Its Indiana Jones-like charm could captivate a new generation.

“Street Hawk”

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This series about a crime-fighter with a high-tech motorcycle was action-packed and could easily be reimagined with today’s advanced technology and stunt capabilities.


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“Manimal” followed Dr. Jonathan Chase, who had the remarkable ability to transform into any animal. Though it had a short run, its unique blend of action and shape-shifting could appeal to today’s special effects-savvy audience.


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A precursor to modern CGI, “Automan” featured a computer-generated superhero aiding a police officer. Its tech-centric storyline is more relevant than ever in today’s digital world.

“Misfits of Science”

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This quirky series about a team of humans with superpowers had a light-hearted, comic approach that could resonate well with fans of current superhero franchises.

“Night Court”

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A sitcom set in a Manhattan municipal court during the night shift, “Night Court” balanced humor with touching moments. A reboot could offer a fresh take on courtroom comedy.

“Max Headroom”

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Futuristic and satirical, “Max Headroom” was set in a dystopian world dominated by TV networks. Its themes are increasingly relevant in our media-saturated culture.

“Amazing Stories”

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Created by Steven Spielberg, this anthology series told various fantastical and bizarre tales. A modern reboot could continue its legacy of imaginative storytelling.


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Featuring a high-tech military helicopter, “Airwolf” combined espionage and action. A reboot could delve deeper into modern warfare and technology themes.

“Galaxy High School”

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This animated series about an intergalactic high school offered unique characters and creative settings. A reboot could bring these cosmic adventures to a new audience.

“The Greatest American Hero”

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A teacher who gains superpowers from a suit provided by aliens made for a comedic and endearing show. Its premise could be reinvented for a contemporary audience.


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“Voyagers!” followed a time traveler fixing historical mishaps, a concept that remains appealing and could be updated with new historical events and modern special effects.

“Sledge Hammer!”

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This satirical take on cop shows featured the tough and comically over-the-top detective Sledge Hammer. A reboot could offer a fresh satire on current crime and action genres.

“Buck Rogers in the 25th Century”

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Originally a revival of a 1930s series, “Buck Rogers” could be rebooted again to explore futuristic themes with contemporary sensibilities.

“Fantasy Island”

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While “Fantasy Island” has seen various adaptations, the original concept of a mysterious island granting visitors’ fantasies has endless potential for new stories.

“Friday the 13th: The Series”

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Unrelated to the horror film franchise, this series focused on cursed antiques. Its blend of horror and mystery is a perfect fit for today’s audiences.

“The Fall Guy”

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A stuntman who moonlights as a bounty hunter was the center of this action-packed series. Its blend of Hollywood stunts and crime-fighting could appeal to modern viewers who crave action and glamour.